Awesome Knifes

by Grammer

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released February 28, 2014

Maxx sings. Dakota and Miles play guitar. Grady plays bass. Alex plays drums.
Recorded in various rooms of the Kawaii Kastle.
Engineered by Grady Drugg.
Produced by Alex Harris.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Grammer Springfield, Missouri

Grammer is a 4-piece band from Springfield, MO.

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Track Name: Astronaww, Man
the glories of galactic travel always filled my mind
when I was a child
when I was a small child
the mysteries of the stars
and the planets near and far
I woke up as an astronaut
I woke up among the stars
Track Name: Coy Wolf
chilling November
I'll always remember
night when you were tucking me in
singing to me
I hope you sleep well
giving me one more story to tell
I start to cringe
and then I fall
to my knees
I've seen this all
broken dreams
and then I crawl
to the sea
once I'm gone
you'll believe
you were wrong
Track Name: Quit (Your Job)
I've been waiting
for this day
for your ghost to shower me

such a darkness in me
expressed in ways you can't see
plagues in distant valleys
it's what the gallows taught me

in the gallows I saw a ghost
drenched in best times
in the gallows
we made the most
Track Name: Friends In The Hotel Industry
this occupation as a sad man
pays less than minimum wage
the shifts are filled with nightmares
and I'm working late
can I quit this job?
I've been working too long
and working full time
can strain ones mind
but mines different
it's out of line
can I quit this job?
I've been working too long
Track Name: Cigarette Regimen
ponds dry up
eventually just like
everything that dies
I'll build a house on
Blizzard Lane
to store up all of my lies
for the rest of
my life
Qué sera, sera
what should be
will not always be
the future's not
mine to see
Qué sera, sera
I'm fucking tired
of always breathing fire
you'll catch a
I can't put you out.
bad vibes and bad lies
the only thing I can't live without